Lauaki free to play

(Rugby News Service) Thursday 4 October 2007
 Lauaki free to play
Cleared: Sione Lauaki

PARIS, 4 October – A RWC Appeal Committee heard an appeal by New Zealand's Sione Lauaki against his two-week suspension for a dangerous tackle during the New Zealand v Romania match on Saturday, 29 September in Toulouse.

The Appeal Committee comprised Chairman Graeme Mew, Judge Guillermo Tragant and Harold Shand.

The Appeal Committee quashed the decision of the judicial officer, Christopher Quinlan.

The Appeal Committee concluded that taking into account the context in which the incident occurred, the judicial officer's conclusion that the attempted tackle was late could not be supported.  

Having so concluded, the Appeal Committee was of the view that the remaining evidence of foul play was not sufficient to justify the judicial officer's conclusion that the tackle was dangerous.

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