Bergamasco suspended for two weeks

(Rugby News Service) Wednesday 3 October 2007
 Bergamasco suspended for two weeks
Suspended: Mirco Bergamasco

PARIS, 3 October - Following a RWC 2007 judicial hearing the judicial officer (JO) Christopher Quinlan upheld the citing complaint and confirmed Mirco Bergamasco (Italy) breached Law 10.4(d) (tripping an opponent with the foot/leg) during the Scotland v Italy match played on Saturday, 29 September in Saint-Etienne.
The judicial officer deemed the trip was a deliberate act, which had the intended effect of bringing the opponent player to ground. In consequence the tripped player, Dan Parks, suffered some injury albeit not significant. In those circumstances, the judicial officier determined the offence to be at the mid-range of seriousness.
There were no aggravating circumstances.
The judicial officer took into account several mitigating circumstances including the player's immediate admission of culpability, his good disciplinary record and his expression of regret and genuine remorse.
The entry point for a mid-range offence is four weeks. In light of the mitigating factors the judicial officer reduced the period of suspension to two weeks. Since the player is not playing between the Rugby World Cup and his return to his club, the suspension will run from 8 October, 2007, the day after the player joins his club, up to and including 21 October. He is free to play on 22 October, 2007.
The player has 48 hours to appeal.
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