Eloshvili suspended for seven weeks

(Rugby News Service) Tuesday 2 October 2007
 Eloshvili suspended for seven weeks
Suspended: Georgia's Otar Eloshvili lays a tackle in the match against France

PARIS, 2 October – Following an RWC 2007 judicial hearing, the judicial officer Jannie Lubbe SC upheld the citing complaint against Georgia’s Otar Eloshvili for his tackle against the France number 19 Rémy Martin during the France v Georgia match played on Sunday, 30 September in Marseille.

The complaint was upheld on the basis that the player had accepted the act of illegal and/or foul play in that he acted in contravention of law 10.4(e) in executing the tackle.
The judicial officer further determined, having reviewed the referee’s reasons for his decision to award a yellow card for the incident, that the reasons for the decision were wrong.
The judicial officer further determined to impose a seven-week suspension upon the player with effect from 30 September up to and including 18 November, 2007.
The good disciplinary record and character of the player, his immediate acknowledgment of culpability, the genuine remorse of the player, the fact he apologised immediately after the match to the French player and taking also into account the player’s playing commitments for the rest of 2007, persuaded the judicial officer to reduce the recommended sanction of 10 weeks to seven weeks, which will effectively result in a suspension for five club matches and one possible Test match.
The player has 48 hours in which to appeal against the decision.
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