Nieuwenhuis suspended for one match

(Rugby News Service) Tuesday 18 September 2007
 Nieuwenhuis suspended for one match
Verdict: Namibia's Jacques Nieuwenhuis has been suspended for one match

PARIS, 18 September - Judicial Officer, Bruce Squire QC, presided in a hearing following the ordering off of the Namibia player Jacques Nieuwenhuis in the France versus Namibia match on Sunday, 16 September, 2007.
The Judicial Officer had to determine what further sanction if any beyond the ordering off should be imposed on the player.
The Judicial Officer regarded the tackle as dangerous in that it involved contact with the head of the opposing player with a swinging arm. However, the Judicial Officer decided that the tackle, although clearly dangerous, was reckless rather than intentional.
The Judicial Officer decided that, principally because the tackle was reckless and not affected with any intention to harm the opposing player, the offence was at a low-entry point, which carries a two-week suspension. This was reduced to a one-match suspension as there were no aggravating features but a number of mitigating features including the player's good previous record and the fact that he apologised to the opposing player after the match.
The player has 48 hours in which to appeal the decision.
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