Capacity: 59,500
Lighting: 1,430 lux
By plane: Aéroport de Marignane
By train: Gare Saint-Charles
By car: Autoroutes A51, A52, A55
By metro: Ligne 2, station rond point du Prado for the Virage Sud and Tribune Jean Bouin, station Ste Marguerite Dromel for Virage Nord De Peretti and Tribune Ganay.
By bus:  21, 22, 23, 44, 45, 46, 47 & 48

Edouard Gay, a Town Councillor, first had the idea of building a large sports stadium in the city centre in 1918. The project for an Olympic stadium with a cinder track and a velodrome was adopted in 1933 and the first stone was laid in 1935. The 1938 Soccer World Cup was the dream event for its inauguration. The Vélodrome was renovated prior to the 1998 Soccer World Cup. It now has seating capacity for 60,000 spectators, enough to hold the OM’s fiery supporters. Each of its four stands are named after a local celebrity, such as runner Jean Bouin or, going back further in time, Chevalier Roze, a gallant citizen who stopped the plague in 1720.

Marseilles: the seasoned charm of the Vélodrome

The stadium’s history from its opening in June 1937 is punctuated by a series of sporting triumphs - mainly in soccer. With 10 championship titles, as many French Cups and a European Cup - still France’s only triumph in the event - there have been plenty of occasions to celebrate. At the beginning of the 1970s the duo Skoblar-Magnusson had fans drooling in a refurbished Vélodrome (36 000 capacity) and now fans lovingly recall Papin, Waddle and company cutting down the great AC Milan side in 1991 before the team led by Deschamps and Boli brought back the European Cup two years later.

A love for Rugby

For several years now OM are not the only team to get the crowd buzzing. In November 2000 the French XV discovered the magic of the place. France pulled off a superb 42-33 victory over New Zealand six years ago and since then Australia (14-13), South Africa (30-10) and England (17-16) have all been beaten there. But Argentina’s Pumas reversed the trend by winning 24-14 in 2004. The spell was not broken for long as the Wallabies went down 26-16 last Autumn as the Velodrome became once again an impregnable fortress.

Useful info

Going to the stadium by public transport takes :
- 45 min from the airport
- 8 min from Saint-Charles station
- 25 min from town centre

Stade Vélodrome
3, Boulevard Michelet
13008 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 29 14 50